Quality is, and always will be, a factor of differentiation!


Velura belongs in a highly competitive market in which quality is, and always will be, a differentiating factor. In that aspect our company gives a great importance to the quality of their products and services. To validate and verify the reliability of our quality we have several certifications from various independent parties.


Belcoro is a trademark of one of the world's leading spinning rotor manufacturers - Oerlikon Schlafhorst, this distinction is awarded only to a small group of companies that produce high quality yarn, among which is Velura.

Belcoro certification involves the use of original Autocoro and Belcoro spinning components and also the compliance with standards of quality, measured by Oerlikon’s Schlafhorst accredited TexLab laboratory in Germany that regularly carries out complete tests regarding the quality of the our yarn.

The standards of Belcoro quality represent values of quality in the categories of tenacity, elongation, evenness and number of imperfections. The quality of the yarn according with Belcoro standards is a guarantee of yarn with high quality standards and high textile technological know-how.


The label "Confidence in textiles - tested for harmful substances according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100" is the main eco-label in the world for textiles tested for harmful substances to human health. Products that receive this label have been optimized in terms of human ecology and have been tested and certified by internationally recognized textile laboratories.

Our product is regularly subjected to rigorous testing in CITEVE and is certified as class I: Products for infants and children up to 36 months, which demonstrates that the requirements relating to human ecology required by the standard for baby products (class with stricter criteria taking into account the sensitivity of your skin).


Since always, the primary concern of Velura Têxteis, Lda has been meeting the needs of its customers, looking always for continuous improvements in productivity, efficiency of its organization and the quality of is products. This is the result of a collective effort made by all employees, which in the future we want to see strengthened. The requirements of our customers are interpreted by us as challenges that we seek together to overcome in order to fully satisfy them.

It is in a perspective of continuous improvement that we have decided to keep implemented the Quality Management System according to the reference standard NP EN ISO 9001:2000, for which we express our commitment and hope the commitment and active participation of all workers.