We have a properly equipped laboratory with monitoring and measuring devices!


Velura dedicates to the production of “Open-End” 100% cotton fabric, with a range of yarns starting at Ne 5 and going up to Ne 20 (including). We also have Ne's chains (in stock) Ne 8, Ne 10, Ne 12, Ne 16 and Ne 20.

In our production process we highlight:

- Careful selection of quality raw materials (100% virgin cotton);
- Trützschler’s blow room equipped with the latest generation system for detection of colored fibers and strange fibers;
- Production of electronic cleaned yarn with automatic splice joint process thus resulting in a better performance in looms and an improved quality for the final product;
- Production of crossed bobbins, with reserve, suitable for further processing in weaving, knitting and dyeing;
- Possibility of production waxed yarn suitable for knitting;
- Bobbins with a uniform diameter and equal length, thereby avoiding remains of warp;
- Use of original Autocoro spare parts and Belcoro spinning pieces;

Velura has a laboratory equipped with monitoring and measuring devices to control the quality of the product and the process according to pre-established requirements, from the raw material (cotton branch) to the product under construction (blanket and ribbon) and ending in the final product (yarn).

Since the beginning, the major concern of Velura Text is satisfying the necessities of their costumers. Looking forward to better perform the efficiency and the performance of their products. This represents the effort of a collective group of people dedicated to this craft from the beginning to the end product. The requests of our consumers are interpreted by us like challenges that we aim to surpass in order to better satisfy them. We have implemented a system of quality insurance NP EN ISO9001:200 .