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We wish to be recognized by our clients as producers of high quality yarn and canvas.

About - Velura

Velura Têxteis Lda. began by following the common interests of two people connected to the textile industry, to establish a unit specialised in producing “Open-End” 100% cotton fabric. Having taken Velura’s management and the assembly of a weaving preparation (warped and sized yarn), by controlling the entire process in the production of our quality yarn and fabric. In this terms, we test the yarn used in the production. With this process, we can garante the maximum quality for our costumers.

As such, we wish to be recognized by our clients as people who are there for there consumers.




Velura dedicates to the production of “Open-End” 100% cotton fabric, with a range of yarns starting at Ne 5 and going up to Ne 20 (including). We also have Ne's chains (in stock) Ne 8, Ne 10, Ne 12, Ne 16 and Ne 20.

Velura has a laboratory equipped with monitoring and measuring devices to control the quality of the product and the process according to pre-established requirements, from the raw material (cotton branch) to the product under construction (blanket and ribbon) and ending in the final product (yarn).

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